Private practice

Private consultations

Dr McLaughlin holds a private clinic Thursday afternoon and evenings at the Nuffield hospital Bournemouth. He also undertakes consultations at the Bournemouth Private clinic located within the Royal Bournemouth hospital.

New consultations last up to 45 minutes and follow up consultations for 30 minutes.

Dr McLaughlin believes that these longer consultations allow him to spend sufficient time to discuss each patient’s symptoms, an investigative plan and potential treatment strategies in more detail.

Private patients will receive a copy of Dr McLaughlin’s letter outlining a summary of your consultation as well as his investigation and treatment recommendations. Letters are typed promptly by his friendly and efficient secretary and usually emailed (or posted at your request) to his patients (and GP) within 24 hours of a consultation. Patients undergoing a gastroscopy or colonoscopy will receive a copy of their procedure report before leaving the hospital.


Self-pay patients

Dr McLaughlin welcomes consultations with patients who do not have private medical insurance. Following a consultation Dr McLaughlin is able to recommend investigations and/or treatments that if you prefer can be arranged in the NHS following permission from your GP.


Private endoscopy practice

Dr McLaughlin undertakes private endoscopic procedures at both the Nuffield Hospital Bournemouth and also Bournemouth private clinic.

Private endoscopic procedures performed by Dr McLaughlin include gastroscopy (also termed OGD or endoscopy), flexible sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy and video capsule endoscopy. Procedures can usually be arranged for the week following your consultation with Dr McLaughlin.


Private endoscopic procedures can be performed with sedation or general anaesthetic. Dr McLaughlin also performs procedures under local anaesthetic and Entonox gas (the same gas many women receive during child-birth); this allows those with busy lives to leave the hospital within 30 minutes of their procedure with no restrictions –in fact you can even drive yourself home –ideal if you run your own business.


To arrange a private gastroenterology consultation call or email Dr McLaughlin’s secretary:

Mel Boucher

Phone: 01202 237993
Fax: 01202 237993

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