Book chapters (published in medical text books)

Book Chapters

  1. McLaughlin SD

Microbiology of the ileo-anal pouch and managing pouchitis

In: The Ileoanal Pouch: A Practical Guide for Surgery, Management

J. Warusavitarne, Z. Perry-Woodford (Eds)

Springer 2019


  1. McLaughlin SD

My patient with an IPAA has developed diarrhea and urgency.  What is the differential diagnosis and how should I evaluate them? What is the significance of pre-pouch ileitis?

In: Curbside Consultation in IBD 2nd Edition,

David T Rubin, Sonia Friedman, Francis A Farraye

SLACK incorporated 2014


  1. McLaughlin SD, Shen B,

Dealing with pouchitis

In: More Clinical Dilemmas in IBD

Irving, Siegel, Rampton, Shanahan (Eds)

Wiley Blackwell Publications 2012


  1. Perry-Woodford ZL, McLaughlin SD

Ileo-anal pouch care

In: Inflammatory Bowel Disease Nursing

Whayman K, Duncan J, O’Conner M, (Eds)

Quay Books 2010

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